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Can Care Collective LLC
Who is C3- Founder's (Brief) Personal History

About Me: Founder/C.E.O./Executive Director Can Care Collective LLC

 Mikey L. 2017

    I am a third generation American with my surname originating from Greece. I was born into a tent and fortunately, due to my parents’ tenacity towards working hard to increase their family’s future opportunities, was raised into a more increasingly comfortable lower middleclass lifestyle. Hard work and the pursuit of education were deeply ingrained into my psyche at an early age from my Father. While my Father would often contribute his successes towards working hard, equally he would often lament where he could have chosen to pursue education, making more effort towards "working smarter instead of harder".  Unfortunately, in 1998 the summer of my junior year in high school, I was forced into brain surgery in order to correct a malformed blood vessel in my brain that had ruptured.

     My family's resolve to never give up helped me continue the pursuit of my goals instead of lamenting upon the permanent partial paralysis of the left side of my body and Epilepsy post the aforementioned brain surgery in 1998. Furthermore, despite these hardships this inherited resolve led me to become the first in my family to graduate college.

     Following the loss of the use of most of my left side and persistent petite seizure activity, I remained diligent in my intellectual endeavors promising to apply my education towards not just helping myself but also helping others in similar situations to increase their quality of lives.  Finally, I completed my Bachelor of science degree in nonprofit business management in July of 2017. At this point I was fortunately already a loving husband & family man, immediately I applied my education towards the development of becoming a small business owner/operator specifically here in Nevada where I was raised, this ultimately led to the creation of the Can Care Collective LLC (C3) in 2017. 


     C3 was/is based upon the fundamental principles that I was raised with, as well as the nonprofit organizational skills that I acquired from higher education.  Combined, the aforementioned elements were fused in order to both market for local small businesses within our Nevadan communities, as well as to assist the socioeconomically disadvantaged people also within those communities to improve their quality of life via C3's unique methodologies.

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